Reserve Single Products

Allow shoppers to reserve a single product individually from your product pages.

Reserve Multiple Products

Allow shoppers to reserve an entire cart from your shopping cart.

Location & Inventory Sync

Syncs with your existing Shopify locations and inventory levels.

Stock Indicator

Show low stock, in stock or out of stock for the shopper's selected location.

Detect Nearest Location

Automatically detect the nearest store location for the current shopper.

Confirmation Emails

Send customizable confirmation emails to shoppers after they request a reservation.

Notification Emails

Send customizable emails to store locations after each new reserveration.

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API & Webhooks

Customize the functionality with our JavaScript API, HTTP API and webhooks.

Fully Customize Design

All template designs are fully customizable to fit your brand and theme.

What else?

Plug & Play

You can install the Shopify app and get started today - no developer required!

Won't Slowdown Site

We host our scripts on the world's fastest CDNs (Cloudflare) and all server code runs asynchronously.

Live Support Team

Get industry-leading support from our world-wide team via live chat.

How It Works

It's simple to install and get started, and it's simple for your shoppers to use!


The shopper browses the site, finds what they want and either reserves a single product or their entire cart for in-store pickup.


The store location manager is notified about the new reservation request and the shopper is sent a confirmation email.

3In-store Pickup

The shopper comes to the retail location to pick-up their order and pay for it at the desired time.


All plans come with a risk-free 30-day free trial.


$19 / per month

  • 1 In-store Location
  • up to 10 reservations /mo


$49 / per month

  • 3 In-store Location
  • up to 100 reservations /mo
  • Customizable Email Templates


$99 / per month

  • 10 In-store Location
  • Unlimited reservations per month.
  • Customizable Email Templates
  • Customizable Reservation Templates


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  • 100+ In-store Locations
  • Unlimited reservations per month.
  • Customizable Email Templates
  • Customizable Reservation Templates
  • Take Payment for Reservations

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Frequently Asked Questions

To keep things easy to manage, we leave it up to the store retail location managers to deduct inventory when they process the order in their retail location.

YES! Virtually everything in the app can be customized and you can use the JavaScript API, HTTP API and webhooks to customize any behavior and functionality you wish. You'll need a developer for that of course. View our API and Customization docs here.

Yes, the reserve in-store app will sync with your store's inventory levels for each location and display stock information for that location for each shopper (if configured to do so).

Each package gives you discounts on the price/location. For example, if you have 20 locations you'll pay th base price of $99 for the first 10 locations, then $9.90 per location after that. The total would be $198.

If you feel that pricing doesn't work for you for any reason, please get in touch with us and we can customize our packages to make them fit your needs.

Yes, there is no contract and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

No - only store locations where your shoppers can pick up and purchase products are included in the pricing. Other locations are 100% free.